Swing Gallery - Ben Hogan Swing Sequence by Lee

Hogan’s favorite shot shape, also known as the Hogan Fade, produces a low and left-to-right ball flight. This was the result of using a draw swing in conjunction with a weak grip, which is evident in this picture. Notice how his right knee is kicked in? Hogan used his right knee to initiate the swing and this is thought to be his secret which made his swing nearly automatic.

Hogan’s book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf is widely accepted as the most read golf tutorial ever written. Although he advocates the order of movement to be hands and arms first but he demonstrates a great one-piece takeaway in his own swing, with everything moving together off the ball at the same time. Also, watch how he keeps his right knee braced throughout the swing.

Solid textbook L position on the halfway back in the swing. Nice width with his left arm, perfect hinge that sets the club-face open and a full turn with his shoulder. He is centered with his right knee still braced. At this half way point, where his left arm is parallel to the ground, notice that the back of the club is pointing toward the target-line, not at his feet.

Perfect top of the backswing position. His chin is hitting against the top of his left shoulder and the back is facing squarely toward the target. Hogan’s left arm is extended, not vertically, but at an ancle which should be parallel to his swing plane.

Notice how the club is lagging behind his hands. Speed and power is generated from the lag in the transition on the downswing. Great separation between his upper and lower body. His legs are moving and rotating toward the target while his upper body stays back.

Through the impact, back of his hand faces toward the target and the right arm is still bent slightly. Notice how his head stays behind the ball through the impact. His shoulder is more square to the ground while his hips are open toward the target. He believed that the hips should lead the shoulders all the way on the downswing and through impact.

He believed that the club head reaches its maximum speed, not at impact, but right after the point just beyond impact. And his both arms being straight and extended is the result of such speed. Hogan’s head is still over where the ball was. He is in a great balance and in control as a result of everything being in perfect sequence.

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