Strokes Gained Player Report for 4 handicapper based on 1 18-hole round

pg. 1 of 2; Strokes Gained Player Report 9/23/15
pg. 1 of 2; Strokes Gained Player Report 9/23/15
pg. 2 of 2; Strokes Gained Player Report 9/23/15
pg. 2 of 2; Strokes Gained Player Report 9/23/15

Player Report - Strokes Gained:
Strength: Hybrids, wedge play inside 125 yards, and putting within 5 feet
Weakness: Driver, Mid-iron (126-175 yards), and putting from 5-15 feet
The student is a 4-handicap player. The numbers are based on one 18-hole round played at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club.
Generally, long-iron/hybrid and wedge game is excellent. The player's strongest club is with 3hybrid/5wood as he has gained 2.45 strokes against the PGA Tour field average. The player displays fantastic short game play with wedges as, any shot under 125 yards, the player has only lost 0.27 shots.
From the student's expressed statement before this round, the player MAY feel that he needs to work on his chipping ability as he tends to chunk or thin his chip shots. However, the numbers show that there is not much room to gain when it comes to his chipping ability. He only stands to gain less then a half shot (0.42 stroke) from 10-30 yards range from the flag stick. It is in my professional opinion that, while the quality of his ball striking around the green is lacking, it does not, however, affect his score in any significance. The player will benefit more, and have most to gain, from working on 126-175 yards range and putting from 5-15 feet range, then worrying about his chipping quality.
Biggest stroke-saving skill (this is his apparent weakness and I see it as the area of importance where he has the most to gain from) is from off the tee (4 strokes lost) and the mid-range distance from 126-175 yards, as he is stand to GAIN total of almost 7 shots (6.8 strokes).
On the putting green, he is a fantastic short putter as he made all shots within 5 feet and subsequently gaining 0.28 strokes against PGA Tour average. His area of weakness is from 5 to 15 feet range (loss of 1.68 strokes).

By Lee J.H. Lee,
PGA of Canada Class A
Emirates PGA
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2
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