Questionnaires on the State of Junior Golf: Questions to Consider for Any National Golf Program

As a golf coach, whose aim is to grow the game and develop young generation of athletes into a world class golfers, I want to examine some of the question that are necessary in developing the most comprehensive national junior program.
The most important question that I would like to find answers to is as follows:
Is there a nation-specific long term junior golf development program that integrates the best international practices, and also one that recognizes the cultural, social, economical and political factors that make program unique unto itself?
If so:
-- Content of the Program --
  • Does the program have integrated system that understands the physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive development of the young athletes?
  • Does the program establish a strong "physical literacy" upon which golf playing excellence can be developed?
  • Does the program clearly identify the pathway to achieving the highest level of playing golf? (ie. Pathway to the tour level performance)
  • Does the program provide an understanding of an optimal competition structure that is appropriate for the various stages of a golfer's development?
-- Support System --
  • Does the program involve all members of the sport community including, and not limited to, coaches, officials, consultants (fitness and medical), golf clubs, golf organizations, the national/regional PGA, and different levels/regions of the government?
  • Does the program have necessary source of funding that supports the long term development principles?
  • Does the program have a strong support system (inclusive of private corporation) that can sustain and support the elite players and the top talents to the professional level?
  • Does the program ensure optimal training, competition, and recovery process are developed, provided, and accessible throughout a golfer's career?
-- Inclusion --
  • Does the program include all residents of the nation?
  • Does the program work to reduce the barriers to playing the game?
  • Does the program give any focus on the creating grassroots programs that are designed to bring as many people as possible into the game? (As the bigger the base, the better our chances of finding more successful elite golfers)
-- Future Strategy --
  • Does the program have a methods for tracking the junior players so that in years’ time we can have a much better understanding of what is working?


By Lee J.H. Lee,
PGA of Canada Class A
Emirates PGA
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2
Lee J.H. Lee is the Executive Director of the Links Times and the creator of Hush Golf. He coaches golfers of all skill levels from the Track Meydan Academy by Troon in Dubai, UAE and at the Cedar Hill Golf Course in Victoria, BC, Canada. Follow Lee on Twitter @leejhl@UAEgolf and @linkstimes. Also Friend Lee on Facebook at “Dubai Golf Chat with Lee