Lee's Top List #2 - Golf Secrets that Good Players Don't Want You to Find Out

2. What good players say and what they actually do are completely different

Is it that good players don't want you to beat them? Are better players tricking you into playing bad golf? Is it a case of secret group that conspires to guard the sacred secret of making a perfect golf swing? Of course not. It's not always their intention but good players unknowingly give out bad advises more so than you think.
Take, for instance, grip pressure. I am sure you've heard from your peers, coaches and good players alike telling you to hold the golf club lightly in your hands - just as if you are holding a bird (but who has ever held a bird before...). Rest assured that they are not lying to you. It's simply that that's how they feel when they are playing good golf.
Keep in mind that human mind and body sometimes play tricks on us. What we think we do and what we actually do are completely different matter. In a recent research, which set out to measure grip pressure during a golf swing, have found that amount of force that was applied on the handle during a golf swing was in fact a lot higher than what they expressed to feel. Average amateur players had to squeeze hard on the grip to match the same pressure that of the pros!
The reason for such phenomena is because the years of training have strengthen the hands and the grip pressure. So while the pros thought they were holding it lightly in their hands, the pressure gauge showed otherwise. In other words, what seems light force for the pros were, in fact, very tight pressure for the most amateur players.
So the next time someone gives you the magic golf tip, take it with a grain of salt. Just remember, what they say they do and what they actually do (also, what you think you do and what you actually do) are not always the same.

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By Lee J.H. Lee,
PGA of Canada Class A
Emirates PGA
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2
Lee J.H. Lee is the Executive Director of the Links Times and the creator of Hush Golf. He coaches golfers of all skill levels from the Track Meydan Academy by Troon in Dubai, UAE and at the Cedar Hill Golf Course in Victoria, BC, Canada. Follow Lee on Twitter @leejhl@UAEgolf and @linkstimes. Also on Facebook at “Dubai Golf Chat with Lee