Lee's Top List #1 - Golf Secrets that Good Players Don't Want You to Find Out


1. The game is won and lost on the first tee
You may not realize this but you have already lost the match before your first tee shot. "How so" you ask? It all happens during the handicap negotiation. You may be giving or receiving too many or too little shots. Don't feel ashamed of taking too many strokes or take pride in giving away strokes. Put your ego aside and do what's best for your wallet.
If you are not sure of your opponent's game then it's okay to offer up the suggestion to renegotiate after the first nine holes. Just make sure to agree on this point before the start of the round. Don't be a sore loser and whine about it mid-round.

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By Lee J.H. Lee,
PGA of Canada Class A
Emirates PGA
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2
Lee J.H. Lee is the Executive Director of the Links Times and the creator of Hush Golf. He coaches golfers of all skill levels from the Track Meydan Academy by Troon in Dubai, UAE and at the Cedar Hill Golf Course in Victoria, BC, Canada. Follow Lee on Twitter @leejhl@UAEgolf and @linkstimes. Also on Facebook at “Dubai Golf Chat with Lee