History & the Applied Science of Golf Swing Theories - Introduction

Prior to current surge of scientific "truth" about how a body should move to hit a ball, golf instruction and golf swing theories, in my opinion, have followed a similar path that of a fashion industry - different styles were alternately in and stylish, then out and passé in the next season. Early wrist cock was in, then out. Upright swing was in, then out. "Stack" was in then tilted away. "Turn in a barrel" was in, out, then in or out... (can't keep track anymore). Of course there were some swing faux pas never to be repeated like "square to square" swing.
In this series "History & the Applied Science of Golf Swing Theories," I will be chronicling and examining the popular method of golf swing and its theories.

...to be continued in the next section

1. Leather-and-Feather Ball Era

2. Gutta Percha Ball Era

3. Era of the Haskell Ball & Steel Shaft

4. Early Stages of Advancement of Photography & Its Effect on Golf Instruction

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