6 Signs That You Are in Need of a Golf Lesson

A Fun and Relevant-at-times Clues to Your Golf Potential

1. Your regular fore-some yells out “fore right”, even before you tee off

  • We are creatures of habit. If you have sliced the ball on your last three tee shots then the odds are that you will make the same habitual move and slice again on the next shot. More you repeat, the more the movement is reinforced and you will keep making the same mistake. You cannot expect a different result from doing the same thing. Let an expert teach you to break the bad habit and guide you to do something different. Different result can only be achieved when you commit yourself to making a different swing.

2. You carry more than dozen balls in the bag, just in case

  • If your biggest expense on the golf course is buying golf balls, then it’s time to re-invest the money for a good instructor. Stop trying to find golf balls buried deep in the woods and find yourself a fundamentally sound golf swing.

3. You can almost bury a small animal in the divot you made with a 5-iron

  • Sore hands? If the superintendent at your local golf course have an idea why but you can’t figure it out, then it’s time to look for an instructor who can kindly explain the basics behind the swing plane, angle of attack and the proper weight shift. Save yourself the time and the frustration (and of course, two good working hands) and see if you can be on the right track to playing a better golf today.

4. Your swing looks like “a one-armed golfer using an axe to kill a snake in a telephone booth”

  • Please take no offence Mr. Jim Furyk - as his swing is described as such by golf commentator Gary McCord. For the rest of us mortal players, any major oddity in our swing creates irrevocable fault that can only be compensated with more complicated moves. More moving parts in a swing means more things that could go wrong. Instead of trying to add more moves to compensate for a bad movement, find an expert who can simplify the swing and cut away some old bad habits.

5. You justify using a putter from the rough 10 yards off the green by saying, “because I am such a good putter”

  • No golfer in the world is that good. Unless the rough is meticulously manicured (then, of course it is no longer a rough), there is no telling how the ball will roll from off the green. There is no excuse other than the fact that you are bad around the green. You have zero confidence in your chipping ability. Stop all the excuses and find a repeatable method that you can use under pressure.

6. You pull out a 6-iron from 100 yards away from the hole, just in case you chunk it

  • Remember these three words to pull off a great shot: Confidence, confidence and confidence. The last thought before making a swing is usually a good indication of what will actually happen. If you are consciously thinking about the potential mistake then likelihood is that the mistake will happen. A good instructor will guide you to create a pre-shot routine that will help you eliminate unwanted thoughts and boost your confidence to pull off a great shot. Stop second-guessing yourself. Remember, a great shot starts before you set up to the ball.

By Lee J.H. Lee,
PGA of Canada Class A
Emirates PGA
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2
Lee J.H. Lee is the Executive Director of the Links Times and the creator of Hush Golf. He coaches golfers of all skill levels from the Track Meydan Academy by Troon in Dubai, UAE and at the Cedar Hill Golf Course in Victoria, BC, Canada. Follow Lee on Twitter @leejhl@UAEgolf and @linkstimes. Also Friend Lee on Facebook  “Dubai Golf Chat with Lee